Sleepy Joe Biden is no different than Crooked Hillary Clinton. He wants to put o

Sleepy Joe Biden is no different than Crooked Hillary Clinton. He wants to put o 1

Sleepy Joe Biden is no different than Crooked Hillary Clinton. He wants to put our great coal miners out of business!

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  1. This country was built on the backs of our coal miners and the product they mined, wars were won because of this great natural resource, even though there are other means to generate electricity, king coal still has a place in America!

  2. Mr. President, why aren’t we telling the Demonrats not to bother choosing their candidate by the people, when the DNC will just put who they want in there? Another piece of democracy stripped away by the Democrat party.

  3. To the Democrats, Don;t kid yourselves we “POOR WHITES” are real smart and that is why we vote & support our President Donald Trump now and in 2020. The Democrat economic policies do not make sense for our Country & its Citizens.

  4. Biden knows nothing about fracking. He just “knows” he’s supposed to be against it.
    He seems to know as much about political topics as the average random person on the street. Biden probably can’t even name obama’s Vice President.

  5. Joe Biden is so phony. I don’t even think he believes the stupid things he says. He will destroy all the progress in jobs and higher wages that we’ve enjoyed under President Trump. I can’t think of one person whose last name isn’t Biden that was ever helped by Joe Biden.

  6. Eastern KY has already been devastated by the past administration – not many mining jobs available. Now there’s abject poverty and the opioid epidemic is rampant! So sad – I pray something can be done for those people!

  7. Nah that’s going to happen no matter who’s in office. Including your last two years. The difference is Dems want to help these coal miners move on to better jobs in green energy. You want to go back in time. Sad, as you say.

  8. No one should get complacent in the election. That’s what happened to Hillary. Folks thought she was a shoo in so lots of her followers failed to vote. PLEASE get out & vote for President Trump & the Republican party. We need to take back the House & keep the Senate. Get rid of Nutty Nancy & Crying Chuck. It’s up to us!!

  9. There both idiots Hillary and Biden. Trump will just sit back and laugh. The Democrats don’t even talk about what they are going to do to help the economy. They just went after there top guy who is out of it.

  10. At least you don’t have to worry about Kamala Harris anymore, Mr. President. Tulsi Gabbard took care of her for you. No way in hell we can allow that big of a hypocrite in the Oval Office. Not only that, but she’s just mean and hateful. Not likeable at all.

  11. Democrats don’t care about AMERICAN CITIZENS, every plan they have raises taxes, and if you think it’s only the wealthy they are taxing, the middle class will absorb the worst hit, as always.

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