‘Payrolls rise 164,000 as labor force sets a record high’

‘Payrolls rise 164,000 as labor force sets a record high’

'Payrolls rise 164,000 as labor force sets a record high' 1

Payrolls rise 164,000 as labor force sets a record high

Payroll growth rose in line with expectations in July and the unemployment rate remained at 3.7%.

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  1. all those jobs were mostly created in states like California, New York and Texas in mostly Democratic Cities, manufacturing only added 16,000 jobs Sir, way lower number than last month due to China Tariffs

  2. Excellent. Keep it going. You know what needs to be worked on. Stop bashing! It keeps us divided and not united. Plus increases the hate that has been there.Lastly, Make sure Russia does not meddle again.Or China etc etc.

  3. Since Donald Trump was elected for president America is experiencing a great economic boom and global recognition increases dramatically.Now we know that Americans loves the guy and he’s going to be re-elected easily 🇺🇸❤️🌷🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Mr.Trump keep TRADE WAR going. China must abide by Fair practice in Trade.Other countries should do same with China.CPC should be Countered. Also tell them to Lose restrictions on Uyghurs

  5. Donald Trump I bind you in Jesus name to take Arizona Gov Doug Ducey attorney-general Mark brnovich and Greg McKay who was the director of CPS Arizona is the number one state for child trafficking however it’s sadly happening globally CPS the courts Governor senators legislators exedra

  6. Sent to Senator Markey’s office; Topic: Defense; Subject: You can’t impeach the US PRESIDENT for winning the election.
    Senator Markey tell the house that they can’t impeach the President of the United States of America just because he won the election. As a legal US Citizen I shouldn’t have to even be writing this simple and obvious fact to the US Congress yet here we are. Tell them not to waste any more time on this and to do their actual jobs for the legal US Citizens of the USA.

  7. I support President Trump and all of his policies for the most part, you may have an economic boom probably everywhere else but the South! where I live it’s still oppressed and it will always be oppressed

  8. Trump for Cannabis 2020! Take a huge amount of the pro-Cannabis voters from the Democrats just by pushing for Federal legalization, The only positive agenda they have to offer👍

  9. CNBC? Hahahahaha that’s about as fake news as u can get. Let’s focus on the handful of republicans that are bailing again. Announcing retirement/quit prior to the election due to the White House being the most toxic place they’ve ever been. The ship is sinking. Poor Cheeto.

  10. Any wonder why Trump is winning….when results like this are seen people know who is responsible and why this is happening…..Best years ever in the US….Facts do not lie….!! Demorats will have a hard time trying to top this…..very hard…

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