How Sanitizer, Masks and Diet Can play an important role in Protecting Us From Corona Virus?

Coronaviruses refer to a huge family of viruses according to the biological classification systems. This family is responsible for many humans illnesses with the common cold. This coronavirus is a new strain, earlier not identified in human beings, the novel-coronavirus, which is causing the current havoc.

The common symptoms of this viral infection are fever, cough, and symptoms related to a respiratory system like difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath. In its most severe form, it can also lead to SARS, kidney failure, pneumonia, and even death.

Effect of Sanitizers:

Hand sanitizers, chemically, are mostly alcohol (particularly isopropyl alcohol), along with some emollient and some oils (for aroma).

Hand Sanitizers able to kill the microbes present on surfaces, and this microbe-killing property is given to Sanitizers by the alcohol present in them.

Sanitizer, Masks and Diet Can play an important role in Protecting Us From Corona Virus

Although of great importance, especially during the current problem of coronavirus causing destruction around the world, sanitizers should be used keeping in mind that regular and proper washing of hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds should be given priority as this is the best method to kill the germs present on our hands and hand sanitizers should be used as an substitute to soap and water.

Effect of masks:

As the virus has been pronounced to be spread through the way of respiratory droplets, which might be droplets coming out from the mouth of an infected man or woman that can be inhaled by means of different people through transmission via air or by way of direct touch. Hence, it becomes very important for people to wear KN95 face mask to safeguard themselves against this deadly virus.

But at the same time, it should also be noted that people need to wear a mask only around someone they suspect of being infected, and they should not necessarily wear it wherever they go. Healthy people do not need to compulsorily wear a mask always, and their purchase of masks is causing a shortage of masks for health care professionals who need it more as they are always in contact with infected people.

Sanitizer, Masks and Diet Can play an important role in Protecting Us From Corona Virus

Therefore do not wear a mask always, but do wear it in case you are coming in contact with someone infected or suspected to be infected.

Effect of diet:

Diet is the basic a part of human lifestyles, and therefore it isn’t a hyped assertion that the whole lot regarding the human body revolves around the food regimen one takes.

Hence, in the battle against the coronavirus, always keep in mind not to take raw food like raw meat, raw eggs, or even raw vegetables and cook your food thoroughly and avoid white sugar.

Secondly, one can take food that boosts our immunity like intake of food rich in Vitamin-C (orange, amla, etc.), ginger, garlic, coconut oil, oregano, tulsi, nuts, and seeds like almond, cashew, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.

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