Do You Need Commercial Insurance For Your Vehicle?

When it comes to vehicle insurance, individuals usually purchase personal auto insurance, while businesses buy commercial insurance policies. But whether or not you should have commercial vehicle insurance varies greatly depending on how you use your vehicle. Individuals who engage in certain business-like activities with their car should contact their insurance company to check to see if they need to purchase additional insurance. Additionally, any business owners who have employees drive vehicles as a part of the job need to look into commercial auto insurance as well.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance For Your Vehicle

What Do You Use Your Vehicle For?

Any vehicle that is used sometimes for business purposes probably needs commercial vehicle insurance. While it is true that some personal auto insurance policies may cover damage that occurs during the business to an extent, you need to check with your insurance provider. Make sure you are dealing with a certified independent insurance agent who understands your needs and has experience in dealing with both commercial auto and personal auto insurance issues. If you are not sure that your policy covers your automobile, your best option is to utilize the wealth of knowledge that your agent holds. Bring your policy to your agent and ask them to review your policy and coverage with you. Don’t leave your coverage to chance.

If you use your car or any vehicle for any sort of business activity, you should consider purchasing commercial insurance for the vehicle. Do you deliver pizzas or other food in your car? What about delivering newspapers? Are you an event photographer that uses your car to carry equipment? Any catering company, door-to-door consulting service, daycare van service, real estate agent, or landscaping and garden service should look into commercial auto insurance policies.

Businesses Need Commercial Insurance

Any vehicles that your business owns, leases, or rents, need to be covered under commercial vehicle insurance. It is required in many states to cover any financial responsibility if you or an employee is at fault in an accident. If you or your any employee drive company vehicles or any personal vehicles to conduct business, you also will most certainly need commercial vehicle insurance. The benefits of commercial vehicle policies are that they allow you to list anyone that you employ as a driver, an option you don’t always have with a personal auto policy. This way, any employee who needs to drive your vehicles can, without getting into issues that may come up should that person get into an accident.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance For Your Vehicle

Truckers should need to look into commercial truck insurance. Because trucks are much bigger vehicles and require special training to drive, truckers are held more liable for damages. They need to make sure they covered under a commercial policy.

Consider Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance also needed if you need more liability coverage than a personal insurance policy provides. Generally, you’ll need commercial auto insurance if the vehicle is owned by a corporate partnership, used to haul tools or equipment weighing more than 500 pounds, used to make any delivery, or is heavy enough to need state or federal filings. If this applies to your business, or if you use your car for any sort of business activity, look into commercial insurance today to protect yourself and your wallet.

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