Democrats are not talking about the economy, because they have nothing to say!

Democrats are not talking about the economy, because they have nothing to say! 1

Democrats are not talking about the economy, because they have nothing to say!

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  1. If you elect a democrat to a city, state, or federal office you support:
    D. Destruction of our Constitution, Electoral College, Economy, and Christian values
    E. Erasing our borders and sovereignty
    M. Murdering babies
    O. Obstructing law and order and the governing process
    C. Corruption in government
    R. Racial division and antisemitism
    A. Anarchy in the streets and Antifa
    T. Teachers promoting political agenda instead of educating.
    S. Socialism.

  2. Trumps will continue to enable the Russian rigged agenda to create a cold war of the g8 By ignoring and using information warfare and identity warfare, to distract. Then enabling Putins rigged nuclear agenda, and arms race, with the new three amigos, to distract from all that. So that trump can create his oligarchs to corrupt the institutions and agencies, and enablers to obstruct justice for himself lol maga

  3. They want to put an end to all your accomplishments so they can “save the planet” while traveling to climate conferences on private jets and yachts using 1000x more Carbon than average people. Do they really think anyone believes them at this point?! 😂🤣🇺🇸

  4. WOW Cummings apologizes for having lock doors It’s ok just person wanting better life. Why does Cummings have locks not a open door policy at his home. Just illegals wanting to go anywhere they want to. So no break in at Cummings house It’s a Illegal just looking for a new home

  5. Everyone is so worked up about socialized health care and living in a socialist country.

    It’s funny though, why aren’t the Migrant caravans heading south to Venezuela and choosing to travel to the United State seeing we have Donald Trump as President? Because even they know this is the greatest country in the world and we’ve never had a better President than we do right now.

    KAG 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Trump how do I get pay raise sir. I work 60 hours a week. Can ya do something for me and my family too. I hard working low middle class. Now so can use the help plus I am a real American I was born on this land. Thanks feel free to message me with help deals..

  7. democrats have nothing! “zero” “0” to vote for with their candidate lineup either!…they all suck, lack leadership skills and for most part, don’t even have decent speaking skills!

  8. Democrats are not talking about economy because, it was the Democrats who made economy great again after Bush’s mess! You just inherited a nice and easy job now. 🤦‍♂️

  9. I see we have the foreigners that don’t live in America and can’t vote in America still stalking the President as usual posing as Americans what do you suppose their reasoning is it’s called Foreign collusion they did it in 2015 in there in full force again©✅

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