Budget Deal is phenomenal for our Great Military, our Vets, and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Budget Deal is phenomenal for our Great Military, our Vets, and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! Two year deal gets us past the Election. Go for it Republicans, there is always plenty of time to CUT!

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  1. Yeah okay
    I support you sir but you’re pumping money into the economy that we can’t afford to use
    There is no backing on the 2 trillion dollars!

    Don’t sign that budget deal
    We are coming closer and closer to a dollar collapse

  2. But, respectfully, not so great for our budget. The political class is leading this nation into bankruptcy – which the Marxist Democrats want. And the foolish Republicans have no mission or conscience to push back on. Stop giving foreign nation money, Congress!

  3. Black jewel has gone bankrupt? I thought you said you were putting miners back to work? Black Jewel owns mines in Kentucky,Virginia, Wyoming and Tennessee. Kentucky has 500 miners out of work today, they did not receive a pay check today.you are a liar and a snake out sales men. When is your base going to wake up and see that you are telling them what they want to hear. Shame on you!!!

  4. The Democrats were so mad that the Supreme Court ruled Pentagon funds can be used for the wall. Then we proceed to find out that there are so many perks that the Democrats have cut out of the Pentagon funds oh, you would think they would be the last individuals that would be upset about funds being used for the defense of Americans

  5. Kindly find a way to address how we will get our national debt completely paid off. President Obama was incapable and ineffective in addressing this and so far, we haven’t heard you talk about it.

  6. Mr. President, I thought you said you would never sign another budget like this again …your words last year.

    I guess the Republican Party wants to be the party of spending and fiscal irresponsibility.

    Not happy about this.

  7. I’m very disappointed in Senator Rick Scott, making it public he is a NO vote…perhaps, Florida will make him a NO vote next time around! I find it appalling they say nothing about our children having to pay for Obama’s continuous spending, but you bring in more taxes from workers with jobs, give your own salary, make profits in the markets, but when it comes to you, they try to play on the parents emotions about how it’s all about the future of our children and the cost they have to repay! At this point, I don’t see that it matters what a few Billion more will do, we can’t pay it back without the financial prosperity you are bringing that is the only option we have right now.

  8. I am a big fan but someone, somewhere, has to begin showing some fiscal responsibility this is not the “governments” money you just spend, spend and spend some more it is the money taken from hardworking legal American citizens. 😏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Sir with all do respect, you are supposed to be getting our 20 sum trillion dollar debt down not raising it. Your the business man, FIX IT AND QUIT OVER SPENDING. Thank you sir.you still have my vote.

  10. Phenomenal for increasing the national debt. If the United States stopped policing the world we wouldn’t “need” a $700B+ budget for the military. Democrats and republicans doing what they do best, increasing the size of the federal government.

  11. As a Trump supporter this in my opinion is a bad deal. Why? We continue playing kick the can. Now, in all fairness he has to work w the dems to get something passed. But, for 2 years when he had republicans in both houses they played kick the can now we play it for 2 more years. Now if Republicans take the house keep the senate and White House do they kick it some more or do we start at least addressing the debt issues.

  12. Great job Mr.president .some don,t realize how much money you are and will be saving our country .our huge debt can not be fixed over night but increases jobs,better trade deals and lowering our expenses when it comes to shrinking government will go a long ways to bringing this country back into the green once again. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Budget Deal cut money that was to be allocated to improve living conditions for our Military. That money now going to THE DJT MEMORIAL WALL. True Jobs are doing well now here is the part Wall St is reporting. Many of those jobs have to be taken as SECOND AND THIRD JOBS TO MAKE ENDS MEET. ————————————————————————————————————– all the hub bub regarding the Federal Reserve well things could get better if he gets rid of Ill advised tariffs which are really a TAX on the American Consumer. Tariff does not punish China or the EU WE PAY THE TARIFF WITH HIGHER COSTS FOR ALL GOODS !! however in the ongoing Trump Projection Deflection he has no answer so he say LOOK OVER THERE DID YOU SEE THAT and the Red MAGA Hat Nimrods look and say Oh yeah wow. throw in a Hillary or Obama did it. You can’t fix Stupid. Rig Lila

  14. I’m a trump supporter, but the budget, the deficit and our national debt needs to be addressed. We need at minimum 10% cuts across the board from every damn department. Unfortunately this is the only campaign promise you have yet to fulfill. I believe in 2020 when you are most likely reelected these issues are just going to get worse.

  15. Hello, Mr. President, you know about the situation in the country Puerto Rico politicians are fighting for the government of the country, I ask you to please send a person to his party to govern the island and put this in order we need your help Here every politician is in the interest of wanting to steal people’s money, I beg you to take hands on this matter.

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