Binge Drinking in College Students

College days are the best period for most of us. The youthful exuberance, limited responsibility, and the freedom of sorts of college students are challenging to miss. It is a phase of the adrenalin rush in them. Outings are all sine qua non for the college students. With a bundle of energy, they look forward to their future with high aspirations and hoping to give wings to their dreams. A beautiful and prospective life awaits them on the horizon.

However, college life is also a vulnerable stage when the youth stands exposed to a lot of temptations and vices. Those who bite the bait become victims to all sorts of ills and get trapped in a problem. One such danger is alcohol, often leading to celebratory binge drinking sessions. Visit any of the inpatient alcohol rehab centers in the country, and you will find several young admits receiving treatment for the addiction.

Binge Drinking in College Students

It is reported that binge drinking habits in college students often lead to adverse effects in the long term. Almost three-quarters of them become alcoholics later in their lives, according to a survey done by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

The NIAAA study brought some disturbing facts to the fore

  • Almost 50%of the in College Students who were in the habit of drinking engaged in heavy episodic consumption, which was four to five drinks in a row among girls and boys respectively during a fortnight.
  • Approximately 700,000 cases of assault on students were reported in a year wherein drunken fellow students were involved.
  • Due to alcohol poisoning and drinking-related accidents, almost 600,000 students were injured, and about 1,825 students died annually.
  • The number of survivors of sexual assault while under the influence of alcohol is 100,000 students, and more than 400,000 students had unprotected sex while drunk.
  • Close to 25% of college students like Arya TOufanian had deplorable academic consequences because of their drinking habits. They bunked classes and did poorly in exams.

Severe drinking sessions in students could adversely impact their performance in academics and could also lead to health complications, both physical and mental. So, as parents of college-going kids, you have to shoulder enough responsibilities so that your child stays away from alcohol abuse. A right step at the right time will absolve you of being penitent for the rest of your life.

Binge Drinking in College Students

What you should do

Gaining the confidence of your college-going kid is the first step towards addressing this issue. You have to be a friend to your child. Always remember that a communication gap might lead him or her to drink. So, plugging the difference would be the first step for you. I’m Shmacked of drinking at such an impressionable age.

Shower, your love & compassion to your child. Unconditional love and affection never fail to bring in desired results in your children. When they realize the futility of their drinking habits, slowly and gradually, they will start drifting from drinking.

Take stock of the situation and see how difficult the situation is. It might be such that your child needs medical assistance to recover from alcoholism. If he/she had been drinking for a while, then see a doctor before trying anything on your own. Dealing with withdrawal symptoms in severe alcoholism needs intervention by doctors. If you live in California, then the inpatient alcohol rehab centers are among the best in the country.

So, even if your kid is not into drinking or smoking, a periodic check on his/her activities would keep you in the know. It is our collective responsibility to curb drinking in young adults as they are the future of our nation and a lot of rides on them.

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