BIG RALLY tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio. See you there! P.S. Our Country is doing

BIG RALLY tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio. See you there! P.S. Our Country is doing 1

BIG RALLY tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio. See you there! P.S. Our Country is doing GREAT!

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  1. Trump has re-invented the State of Union Address. It’s every week now instead of every year. I like it. Trump the most connected with the people president in history.

  2. Kamala Harris says we need a President that will uplift the country.

    If historic tax cuts, record low unemployment, and millions of new jobs isn’t “uplifting,” then I don’t know what the hell is…

  3. Here’s your next strategy for 2020. Tell the people your coming to a town or city near you and we’re going to clean it up. You’ll get so much of the urban vote. Actually walk the city streets. They will love you. Give them a chance. Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and New York just to piss off Deblasio or however ever he spells his fake name. I’m available for hire. Campaign strategy from a blue collar voice.

  4. I am sick of opening my FB page and seing the negative comments from names that I can’t pronounce being featured. I don’t give a ?=&#£ what they think. This has got to be corrected.

  5. I know our country is doing great Mister President and it’s because of you but I worry about you the stress has got to be immense my prayers are with you everyday and every-night your servant.

  6. Thank you God , for Bring us someone who cares about America, Americans, and the wrong doings of others done to America, Thank you Mr. President for quitting your Luxury lifestyle and giving your salary to charity, fulfilled all of your campaigns promises because you know you must keep a promise, Help the nations Veterans that died for this country and get very little respect till now! Helping the people of Israel, as God Told To Do, building our Military up from depletion, making us the strongest nation, retapping resources, coal, natural & Fossil fuels that made us the # 1 Energy provider in the world, Blue collar workers 401K is the best ever do to the highest stock market ever and more people working than ever ! So Mr President I thank God for you and I thank you For caring enough about God And Country to stand against the heat coming from the devil and all his evil followers that are trying to take you down !!! No worries you have been ordained By God …….

  7. Would love to be there but sitting in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with my son, who has had his hipatic artery replaced after his liver transplant in November of 18.
    Trump 2020!!!

  8. We are not “in war time” we are doing phenomenal, we are not at record people not working after eight years of that we are doing phenomenal, the stock market which hits your middle-class by the way because of 401ks have doubled, we are doing phenomenal, less people on the welfare benefits needs to go down a lot lower but it’s being cut slowly but surely, we are doing phenomenal, not having to deal with Obamacare not having to pay each year for not wanting Obamacare, we are doing phenomenal, jobs that we were told we’re gone to forget manufacturing jobs making cars making car parts we were told we’re gone not anymore we are doing phenomenal, finally got us out of TPP NAFTA and the Paris Accord because all of it only cost us money not others middle class shrink for eight years because of those three things so yes we are doing great we are doing phenomenal and will continue with four more years of putting us back on the right track. Btw I much rather have a president who doesn’t speak eloquently or is abrasive or aburpt as long as his actions are keeping us moving forward then a presidentwho says all the right things uses large words to mesmerize the left but yet has no actions and doesn’t stand for anything which means he falls for everything which is what Obama did is and was.

  9. Wish I could be there for your rally! God bless you, President Trump and everyone in your administration. We appreciate everything you are doing for the American people. 2020 and then one of your adult children can run for office! 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

  10. Yes, our country is doing great! KAG now, I til 2024. Then another awesome Republican can take over. It looks like my family will never vote Democratic again. An Independent for the Trump Team…🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸 God bless my President, and America..

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